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Norshield is a certified AIA content provider. Our field instructors have decades of experience working with building teams on high-security structures ranging from embassies, federal courthouses, FBI field offices and more. Live courses are available for groups larger than 3 attendees, but should be limited to 20.

Live Courses:

Course# Norshld_force

Forced-Entry Resistance for Windows and Doors
Examines the general requirements for forced entry resistant windows and doors. Investigate various forced entry standards for theft, psychiatric, mob attacks, to organized terroristic standards. Covers the specific requirements for these standards and how the windows and doors are tested under these standards including what is a passing test, what is a failing test, and what is a bogus test.

Course# Norshld_blstic

Ballistic Resistance for Windows and Doors
An introduction to ballistics and ballistic-resistance windows and doors, provides a solid understanding of fundamental information on the topic. Provides an understanding of ballistics and how to specify and incorporate ballistic-resistance openings for building teams working in a broad range of building types.

Course# Norshld_blast

Blast Mitigation Basics
Educates building teams looking to go beyond perimeter security and standoff requirements and focuses on architectural hardening techniques that address both occupant preferences and long-term owner liability concerns.

Online Courses:

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Norshield’s Blast Mitigation learning module and quiz are available for online completion and credit.
Blast Mitigation Basics

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