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Not afraid to stand guard.

Ballistic, attack, and blast resistant booths for any location.

Standing alone or incorporated into existing structures, Norshield guard booths are used at secure facilities throughout the world in applications such as border stations, toll booths and security checkpoints. Additionally, Norshield can incorporate added functionality with deal trays and package passes when secure transactions are a critical need.

  1. Anti-Terrorism Level Security – NS5000 Guard Booths are designed and tested to conform to or exceed U.S. Department of State forced-entry / ballistic resistant threat levels and are available as ballistic only structures tested to UL, ASTM or NIJ standards. Project specific blast requirements may be incorporated in ballistic only or FEBR structures to ensure protection and security for your guests, staff and facility

  2. Architectural Appeal – From maximum-security FEBR and Blast rated structures to visitor entrance and screening facilities, Norshield Booths may be enhanced with special shapes, finishes and roofing materials to meet the most demanding architectural requirements

  3. Design Flexibility – available in steel, stainless steel or aluminum, Norshield Guard Booths are constructed to meet ballistic, forced entry and/or blast standards. We can also provide  combined threat buildings suitable for the most extreme applications. With a wide range of size, finish options, and features such as gunports, exterior lighting, UPS backup, camera mounts, standing seam roofs and other architectural enhancements, Norshield Guard Booths offer the maximum threat protection and aesthetic flexibility to protect your most valuable assets

  4. Ease of Installation – Norshield Booths are delivered to your site fully assembled and ready for immediate occupancy and use. All selected interior and exterior options have been installed and factory tested to support the most demanding 24/7 security operations

  5. Durability – Robust steel, aluminum and stainless steel construction, combine with the highest quality hardware and electrical devices to provide maximum durability and low maintenance throughout the life cycle of the building