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Norshield Doors

Norshield makes an entrance.

Doors that protect at every level.

You’ll find Norshield doors on award-winning structures all over the world, located in some of the best and worst neighborhoods you can imagine. From the White House to hot spots in the Middle East and Africa, Norshield knows how to make an opening.

Norshield FE/BR Doors offer the utmost in DOS certified ballistic and forced-entry resistance. Manufactured to provide owners, architects, and engineers with the widest range of flexibility to create the desired features to complement new construction or preserve the aesthetics of existing and historically significant buildings. Advanced materials and assembly methods provide the highest level of threat protection with clean sightlines and aesthetics.

  1. Anti-Terrorism Level Security – Designed and tested to conform to or exceed U.S. Department of State SD-STD-01.01 Rev. G (Amended), forced-entry/ballistic resistant threat levels. Fire ratings on opaque doors offer from 90–180 minutes of UL 10C fire protection and the ability to withstand physical attacks ranging from 5–15–60 minutes, plus ballistic resistance of 5.56mm and 7.62mm rifle rounds.

  2. Architectural Appeal –The look of a single or double-leaf commercial hollow metal door and with available finish options such as factory finish paint, aluminum, wood, stainless steel, or special patterned cladding. Norshield’s 2-1/4″ thick door leaf allows for the use of virtually any type or style of hardware..

  3. Ease of Installation – Fabricated as complete assemblies, including the door leaf and frame, interior & exterior trim, ballistic gap protection, door hardware (locks, hinges, closers, sensors) all factory assembled with final finishes applied.

  4. Ease of Operation – Stainless steel, 2000 lb. capacity ball-bearing hinges provides smooth operation and low opening force resulting in less stress on door closers and power operators and insuring long-term operation

  5. Durability – Robust steel construction, time-proven finish options, and the highest quality hardware devices provide extreme durability and low maintenance throughout the life cycle of the assembly.

Norshield door CAD drawing with callouts