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Why Norshield

Why Norshield

Harm’s way isn’t hard to find

Protecting people & resources is no longer just an international concern.

In an increasingly unpredictable world, Norshield is a steadfast protector of people and resources. From government agencies to Fortune 500 companies to other facilities in both public and private sectors, our years of experience and robust portfolio make us the industry source for technical expertise, innovative designs, and certified products. Our ballistic, blast, and forced entry doors and windows have changed the balance of security in federal facilities both domestic and abroad.

A world of experience

Whether your project is domestic or international, Norshield will stand guard. Our portfolio of over 10,000 successfully completed projects around the world is a testament to our expertise and the strength and reliability of our products.

We invented the category

We refuse to rest on our we keep reinventing it.

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Door frame

Designed to stand up to bullets, blasts, blunt force and architectural scrutiny.

For more than 40 years, Norshield has stood in resolute defiance between nefarious threats and people, national secrets and critical infrastructure. That task has required tremendous foresight and flexibility. Along the way, our organization and our products have evolved to meet the ever-changing needs of customers in government and civilian settings alike, where the need for protection stretches beyond ballistics and forced entry. Aesthetics, thermal performance and value will always be hallmarks of every product Norshield produces.


Aluminum frame construction. Steel had dominated the security fenestration segment for decades when Norshield first lobbied for the design flexibility, ease of finish and thermal performance of Aluminum. Norshield broke the standard and proceeded to create a new one.


Countless trim options. Debunking the bunker aesthetic requires sophistication, nuance and flexibility. Norshield ushered in the idea of high design in a security window more than 20 years ago, and we’re still leading the way; custom profiles and finishes are just part of the game.


Custom glass options. From bullets, blasts, brute force and the insidious attacks of the sun, Norshield designs laminated glazing options that stand up to the worst and continue to look their best. We’ll work with you to engineer, test and certify the level of performance that best meets your needs. From small arms to bomb threats, Norshield has you covered.


Thermal Break. Norshield’s proprietary thermal break profiles stop thermal conductivity in its tracks, making your next project more sustainable and a more comfortable place for people. Our long history of involvement in LEED-certified projects is a testament to our commitment to performance.

Tough talk isn’t enough.

Engineered, tested & manufactured to the industry’s most rigorous criteria.

There won’t be a weakest link.

Securing every opening from every angle.

Our products are tough, and we’ve got the documentation to prove it. Norshield products are engineered and manufactured to meet or exceed the most rigorous testing criteria in the industry, including Department of State (DOS), Underwriter Laboratories (UL), H.P. White, National Institute of Justice (NIJ), and ASTM International.

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