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Windows, Rabat, Morocco

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From the company that redefined what a security
window can be.

Norshield is uniquely qualified to provide windows that check all the boxes for security requirements, thermal performance attributes and aesthetic vision. As important as bullet-, blast- and attack-resistance are, they’re just the beginning.

Norshield’s AFW0500 and AFW1500 aluminum FE/BR windows offer architects, designers, and end-users amazing performance characteristics with equally impressive design flexibility. They are an ideal solution for critical infrastructure and national security facilities that require the highest ballistic and forced-entry resistance without sacrificing aesthetics. AFW0500 and AF1500 all-aluminum, fixed window designs are tested and certified to withstand multiple threats for physical attack and significant blast and ballistic resistance.

  1. Anti-Terrorism Level Security — AFW windows are designed and tested to conform to or exceed U.S. Department of State forced-entry/ballistic resistant threat levels. Tested to Department of State Standard SD-STD-01.01 Rev. G (Amended).

  2. Design Flexibility — Numerous size, configuration and finish options including punched windows, large elevations, curtainwall or unique shapes offer the ability to complement the most challenging architectural designs

  3. Energy Efficiency — Thermal break design with a CRF of 75 improves the system’s resistance to condensation or thermal transfer and when combined with high performance Low E coating in the glass, can contribute to the reduction of thermal and solar load.

  4. Durability — High-strength aluminum alloy provides maximum durability and low maintenance. Available finish options for high-performance fluoropolymer paint, Class I anodizing or stainless-steel cladding.

  5. Options — An optional FE/BR deal tray can be added for high-security transfer of documents. Norshield deal trays accommodate large envelopes and packages and also offer 15 minutes of forced-entry and ballistic protection.

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